//the natural kitchen//

A natural food lovers paradise can be found in Marylebone high street people, and its totally a gem. When you waltz in the door, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fresh produce, a deli section, lunches to go inclusive of fresh fruit salads and quinoa creations and freshly squeezed juices all for you – as well […]

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//oh so green, who’s keen?//

Love a good session of juicin’ on a monday morning. Scrap that. To be fair, EVERY morning calls for a juice. Keen for a recipe? Stick around you radical beings, I have a few up my sleeve. LETS SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT ON THE GREENIES. Thanks to the colder months (hello winter wonderland – don’t burst my […]

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//foxcroft and ginger//

Somehow I always end up walking through Soho on a Sunday morning, usually after a quick yoga class somewhere in Covent Garden or a run through Green Park – if its not a fresh juice on my mind (watch this space for bright and delicious juice recipes soon!) then what else would it be, than […]

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//the coffee saviour – attendant //

Wandering around Oxford street after a quick shop, theres only one thing that my mind can think about. Coffee. London. Bad Coffee. Ah, still need Coffee. Coffee. Good coffee. Attendant? Done. As I have (unfortunately) discovered, it is literally quite impossible to find a decent cup of coffee(up to Melbourne’s amazing coffee standards, sob) if you […]

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