//frosty walks in the leaves, the daily life of a juice addict//

IMG_0841Somehow when I’m not at yoga, working, barrys bootcamp, exploring cafes, or baking in the kitchen….theres always time for a stroll (or power walk, hello calorie burning!) either by myself, or with some close buddies….and what do you need after a good walk? A refreshment of course. Or you can be like me and get your juice before your walk, because you’re craving it too much mid stroll…and well, who doesn’t love enjoying a beverage sitting in St james park watching the leaves float by, and the people walk past? (mental note, favourites place to walk are St James park, Hyde park, Hampstead heath and just along the southbank).

Some may call me a juicing addict (although this past week IVE NOT MADE ANY, RED ALERT, WHAAAAT IS GOING ON) – But I can’t help it. London really has some of the best juicing bars to offer, and with such top produce and flavour combinations being produced its a bit of a tough one to turn down. Even at 8 quid a bottle sometimes (um, 16 australian dollars for my favourite IMMUNITY JUICE at BLEND AND PRESS in Covent Garden…oops) this addiction is treading in dangerous waters. But when it comes to health, price doesn’t really matter does it?

Flavour combinations im loving atm:

Ginger, apple, pear and orange. Whack in some carrot and celery, you’re sweet. home made IMMUNITY power? Yesssss.

Pineapple and apple. Simple and delish.

Mint, watermelon, beetroot and orange. Tangy, sweet and earthy. Perfect for a snack with a fruit bowl.

IMG_0849 IMG_0851

The point of this post was really to tell you about this rad little place I found in Piccadilly circus the other week. The tiny little store called P R E S S sells individual cold pressed juices,with wonderful flavour combinations (green juices will kick your ass) all in a happy, positive environment with raw bliss balls at the front desk. What more do you want? Im slowly making my way through them all, but from personal experience, the green juices are MIGHTY GREEN so if you’re a sweet tooth like me, either go for a fruiter one or pimp your green elixir with some apple juice when you get home!

So this juicery (get it, bakery, juicery…I’m good ok) is situated at 26 Denman St, right in Soho – so super central and easy to get to, just a two minute walk from Picadilly circus station. The owners happened to be in there when i waltzed in the other week,and were more than happy to chat recipes, foods, exercises, and juices with me for half an hour! Legends! Such a supportive environment for this health craze that people are finally catching on to! If the central location is not enough to get you out there, whole foods market is literally around the corner. Now there we go, thats a Sunday morning adventure to be proud of! Perhaps making some raw caramel slice (HINT HINT, NEXT BLOG POST) would be a great idea to wind down to, with a chai tea and rom com? Um yes. Don’t forget your green juice for tomorrow morning though! Would rate, 11/10.


You’re totally feeling it, right? Fresh air, leaves, colours, laughs, – and yes, that is sunshine. It does exist in the UK. Mind blowing.


Safe to say, I am far too much in love with my life and there is no place I would rather be! Whats to learn from this (wildhoneyandbear the wise one speaking here) – Find what makes you happy, and do it. Thats literally all that matters.

Much love as always,




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