//foxcroft and ginger//


IMG_0914 IMG_0913Somehow I always end up walking through Soho on a Sunday morning, usually after a quick yoga class somewhere in Covent Garden or a run through Green Park – if its not a fresh juice on my mind (watch this space for bright and delicious juice recipes soon!) then what else would it be, than a large “soy white latte with one sugar to take away please”. Back to the point, somehow I (usually, can’t guarantee this every time haha) manage to find a new place whenever I wander around aimlessly, getting wonderfully lost and blending in with the Sunday morning folk.

This week, en route to quite possibly my favourite coffee spot in Soho (Flat white – this baby will be reviewed when I get some groovy shots next time I’m in) my attention was dragged to this cute little spot on berwick street, nestled in-between all the hustle and bustle of the morning madness. The place was jam packed, tantalising coffee scents were weaving through the air….and the row of tempting treats on display was just too good to refuse- I took the plunge and waltzed in, wallet in hand and coffee order in mind.

No sooner than I had rocked up at the cash registers, I was greeted with a fellow aussie GDAY and a cute smile (top effort F+G, cute baristas, awwww yes) and my order was put through quicker than you could say OH MY GOD CARROT CAKE. The rows of home baked, rustic-y looking cakes, slices and sandwiches all looked to die for, and would easily qualify as a cheat meal for the week! Although this visit only involved a quick pop in take away coffee, next time the brownie will certainly be coming home with me for some sweet chocolate lovin’, every once in a while we gotta treat ourselves right? (I feel like YOLO would actually be appropriate here, but I won’t say it. Kidding, just did. Whoops).

Alas, my daydreaming was totally cut short as a cleverly designed (complete with love heart coffee art) latte was sitting warmly in my hand, practically begging me to take a sip. And boy, it didnt disappoint. A little on the milker side of things, as opposed to a crazy caffeine hit, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Im sure a double shot would change that, because the coffee itself was golden and smooth, totally worth the short wait.

The cafe itself has a super adorable interior, with bricks and exposed lighting, and a quirky typography style stamped on most things – Each table was filled form what looked like students, to business dudes and their laptops to local couples indulging in delicious brunch foods. Im sure there was a family having a cute breakfast in there too, so Its pretty much suited for everyone (not merely the secret soho hipster). Try it out, let me know what you think!

Until next time F+G, keep the brownies bakin’

Love as always,

Wildhoney and bear




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