//the coffee saviour – attendant //

tumblr_n5o920HNIZ1tuhodyo1_1280Wandering around Oxford street after a quick shop, theres only one thing that my mind can think about.



Bad Coffee.

Ah, still need Coffee.


Good coffee.

Attendant? Done.

As I have (unfortunately) discovered, it is literally quite impossible to find a decent cup of coffee(up to Melbourne’s amazing coffee standards, sob) if you waltz into any old shop in London. I seriously don’t get how one of the most popular, busy and culturally vibrant cities in the world can’t have good coffee, but hey, its a fact….but, brace yourselves, there is light at the end of the tunnel

Within my first week of moving to this beautiful city, I accidentally discovered Attendant. Seriously, this place is cool. And the best thing, its only just being discovered for its amazing brews and decadent brownies (oh, those brownies!) –  so lets keep it my little hidden secret for now, shall we?

tumblr_n5o94k7dLY1tuhodyo1_500 tumblr_n5o94k7dLY1tuhodyo2_1280

Its nestled in foodie paradise, legendary Fitzrovia – literally minutes from Oxford, Goodge street and Tottenham court road tube stations, making it totally easy to get to by public transport. But wait for this, its not your average cafe. Attendant is situated underground – in a super cute, cosy…renovated toilet. I s**t you not (oh lordy am I a joker), this place used to be a mens urinal in the Victorian Era. Weird? I think its WICKED.

You walk down the stairs, which lead you into a white brick corridor that takes you directly to the goods. What are the goods you ask? Look no further.

tumblr_n5o93qb7191tuhodyo1_1280tumblr_n5o92vnOGD1tuhodyo6_1280Rows of fresh croissants, brownies, muffins, LAMINGTONS and ANZAC BISCUITS (eyyyyyyy), fresh salads, sandwiches, and the super duper ridiculously pleasurable smell of FRESH GOOD COFFEE wafts through the air, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon somewhere in the mix. Its like walking into a mini heaven. The place itself is so small, but so, so adorable. Don’t come here if you’re expecting a full blown brunch or breakfast menu (although, attendant, feel free to add more food to your menu) – its more of a stop and snack kinda thing, or take away lunch which is perfect for busy office people in fancy suits, who aint got time for waiting around. HOWEVER, they do a MEAN smashed avo on toast, with the option of bacon (who says no to bacon, seriously), which is totally worth the wait! The cakes however, are ridiculously good. Personal favourite? Salted caramel brownie. Oh my god is this thing good. And for those being a little health conscious, or if you’re allowing yourself a cheat meal (I literally drag myself here for my cheat meals for one of these!) they have mini brownie bites, so small, but the perfect thing to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

tumblr_n5o93qb7191tuhodyo2_1280But the real golden find here (see what i did, golden….hahahaha) is the COFFEE. Soy latte is always the go for me, and this place smashes coffee on the head. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to have a good cup in central. Its so smooth and silky that I can easily find myself drinking one quicker than the guy has made the next, and ordering more as the morning goes on. Its the perfect temperature, never burnt, and the cool part is that the beans are changed regularly so you (more often than not) will get a new flavour, which is totally cool… as they have literally never failed to make a good cup of coffee!

So next time you’re looking for a good cup in central, seriously, give the urinal a chance. It won’t disappoint. Size certainly isn’t an issue (oh how cheeky).

Attendant: 27A Foley St, London W1W 6DY

Much love as always,

Wildhoney and bear



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